Today is one of the most accomplished day in my life. Well yesterday too.

    Went for an interview that I failed really terribly not once but twice, not sure where that courage came from, as I know I don’t like to take risks of things I think I will most likely fail at, and I had already failed twice.

    I’m sure luck is on my side, and willing myself to stay focused and positive helped a huge load in my confidence and ability to react instantly at difficult situations that popped out time and again in the short few hours.

    I don’t think I’ve ever grown so much mentally, in my 22 years of life, compared to these 2 days. I finally feel ready to take on the real world, sorta. At least I have a slight feeling, previously I had been so afraid of any long term commitment and kept finding time for myself to ponder.

    They say you need to just man up and go for it, then learn from there; the way of life in adulthood.

    Now that my life has more certainty, I can stop losing hair from stress and work hard for the next few months before my next phase of life. 😊

    Xoxo be brave, even if you’ve failed before. Failure is just a path on a definite journey to the ultimate success. Continue.

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